What we do

To feel and achieve our Clients satisfaction, consequently we will always
improve our service and management quality, and this is the target.


To be the best and well known Contractor.


Vetira is committed to satisfied our Client with our Quality, Trust and Honest Motto,
therefore we are improving our quality management, product and service.

Vetira has been establish since 5th August 1995, and since that time Vetira has made a successful story for every project we have taking care of. Vetira is putting a lot of attention with full heart to every Clients needs, such as budgeting, completing project on schedule and quality of work. Vetira is committing to serve and learn to improve our service quality with new innovation, it is to pursue our Client satisfaction.

Vetira is very well experience and professional on planning and programming on the project. Vetira is very well known and experience for most of the Landlord, Design Consultant and Building Management Tenants in Jakarta, by maintaining our relationship. Our solid and experience employee will serve our Client with full heart just to satisfied our clients. We are very careful with our Subcontractors and Supplier, our qualified and specialist Subcontractors and Supplier has walked with our standard of work in most of our project.